Why Your Fitness Routine Should Include Core Exercises

The core is something that a lot of people neglect in their personal journey to fitness. Our core is largely hidden from view so there is not much incentive to work on it from an aesthetic standpoint. If this is the priority, then people will more likely work on their arms. Sports enthusiasts may also concentrate on the extremities like the legs to help them get faster and perform better. This paints an incomplete picture as the reality is that all movements come from the core. A strong and stable one is crucial for performance. Include core work in your fitness routine to achieve better performance and get these other benefits:

Get Relief from Back Pain

Millions suffer from back pain every year. This can severely limit mobility and affect one’s quality of life. The risk increases as we age especially for those who are living a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting on a chair at work every day for long hours with poor posture does not promote a strong core. This can also be felt after lifting a heavy object and may persist for a while. Go to a doctor to see what can be done. Pain relievers and rest are sometimes enough to get things right once again. Other times, doctors will recommend core exercises to strengthen the back for lasting relief.

Prevent Injuries from Sports

Different injuries stem from strength imbalances. The legs may be working so hard but the core is not strong enough to support the effort. This not only inhibits performance. It also makes a person likely to succumb to injuries. The pain may not necessary be felt in any part of the core such as the midsection, back, hips, glutes or chest. In fact, most injuries will probably be far away at the knees, the calves, or the hamstrings. It should be emphasized that all these are interconnected in the kinetic chain. The movement of one muscle pulls on another. A strong core is able to tolerate a higher degree of abuse.

Improve Your Posture

Good posture is something that can immediately improve a person’s confidence and appearance. It is far too common to see people slouching on chairs as they work in the office or listen to a lecture. When walking, they are hunched over with their arms dangling at their sides. This is also a familiar sight in road races wherein the form of the runners generally breaks down later into a marathon. This compresses their lungs and limits their air intake. It also prevents them from running faster. If you experience this problem, then try working on your core to keep you going stronger for longer.

Develop an Impressive Figure

There are a lot of people who want to have six pack abs. They often resort to hundreds of crunches in order achieve this to no avail. Understand that you first have to torch the fats that are covering your ab muscles before any meaningful curves can be seen. This may be achieved through a consistent running program wherein you run slow for a progressively long time. Once you have a sufficiently flat abdominal section, you can begin to work on developing the muscles for greater definition. Try to do a lot of planks, bridges, and leg lifts.

Protect Your Spine

A solid core means that your spine is protected from harm. This is important if you plan to lift heavy weights in the gym because your spine can snap if the muscles around it are weak. Lifting random things around the house can lead to immense pain as well. You bend over and you feel something get strained. Use core exercises to prevent this.