How To Break Unhealthy Habits To Achieve Physical Fitness

Being healthy and happy can boost your productivity and lessen fatigue. Physical fitness is not handed on a silver platter. You will have to work very hard to achieve it. However, forming healthy eating and exercising habits is not easy. You will have to keep reminding yourself on why you are doing it and struggling to keep in line. However, it is achievable for determined minds.

Habits are tendencies and practices, which have already become a part of your routine. Giving them up is not easy. Willpower, just like muscles becomes fatigued easily if you have been out of training for a long time. However, willpower on its own cannot help you break out of bad habits. You should combine it with the following tips:

a) Small steps

If you have made it, a routine not to exercise and constantly eat foods, which are not healthy, improving your lifestyle, is not going to be a one-day issue. Radical change may be admirable. However, the chances of succeeding in such a case are low. You should choose a plan you are likely to adhere to. It can be a promise to walk for a short distance on a daily basis or giving up eating sweets.

Trying a single goal at a time is more likely to give you results compared to radicalizing everything. If you perfect the goal, you can go ahead and add another one. Be specific when you are writing down your goals. Include the how, where and when in your objectives.

Remember to set realistic goals based on your circumstances. When you set goals, which are difficult to achieve, you are likely to fail and this will sap out all the morale. Fitness will be a thing to be heard of but never to be achieved in your case.

b) Shape your surroundings

Do not let your environment set you up for failure. Remove any temptation for unhealthy habits in your environment. Identify the barriers to healthy habits and get rid of them. You should make sure the environment is helping you getting enough sleep, be active and eat healthy. Ensure you:
i. Do not keep junk food at home because you will be tempted to take it.
ii. Also, ensure you are in the right cloths for exercise and they are kept at an easily accessible area.
iii. Create prompts to stand up periodically and move during the day. TV adverts are great timers for this.
iv. You can get off the train or bus before your destination so as to walk.
v. Leaving your phone in another room when going to sleep makes sure you do not sleep late using it.
vi. When going to the supermarket, ensure you have a list of the things you should buy. Avoid passing through aisles, which stock the things you are trying to avoid.
vii. You should not eat just when hungry. Pack healthy food from home and carry it with you. You can set a fitness tracker on your phone or computer to help you keep moving.

c) Make public commitments

You can tell some family members and friends your goals and ask for their help. It might be a reminder or a push. Coming up with a written commitment to carry it with you all the time is a great idea too. Alternatively, you can keep it at an easily accessible place at your house. Ensure it is visible all the time. Every time you see it, you will be reminded to work towards your goals.


You should not be so concerned of the short-terms goals when starting a fitness program. Some people give up because they have not shed the desired calories within a week or two. Looking at the long-term benefits should be your motivation.