Establishing Your Bodybuilding Rules

Developing the perfect bodybuilding workout program is the goal of every bodybuilder. You need to match your workout program with the right diet plan. Start planning the number of days in a week you should exercise. Decide how long you take the rest between the exercise sessions. There is a vast amount of information on bodybuilding and it can be overwhelming to follow all the rules. Following are a few of the prominent rules that most bodybuilders follow.

Do Not Measure Your Workout Success with Muscle Soreness

During a training session, the muscle fibers break and it results in muscle soreness. However, this type of soreness alone cannot be used to measure the success of your workout session. You are going to feel muscle soreness with any type of strenuous physical activity. You will feel sore when you reach a higher level in your workout but do not use it as your fitness goal. Consistent and effective training is necessary to achieve progress in your bodybuilding. You have to push hard but make sure you take into account other aspects of bodybuilding to measure your success.

Doing More Workouts Is Not Necessarily Better

If this was true, most bodybuilders would continue working for longer hours. In fact, shorter workout sessions with fewer reps, sets and exercises are going to give you better results in shortest possible time. You have to work out those exercises, sets and reps that are useful for your bodybuilding purpose. You will have to alternate between different sets of exercises to achieve the best in bodybuilding. Consult a bodybuilding expert to plan your exercises. You can achieve more with fewer exercises only when you exercise correctly, effectively and efficiently.

Start Adding More Weight

As your muscles develop and you become comfortable with the weight you are lifting, you should try a little harder. Start adding more weight as you start seeing the results of your bodybuilding program. Lift heavier weights but know the limit of your body. Once you have realized the maximum weight you can lift, you should try other strategies like supersets and drop sets to achieve the maximum potential of your body.

Perform Exercises That Work on More than One Muscle Group

Start working on exercises that help you work on two or more muscle groups at the same time. It will help you spend less time in the gym and recover faster. You will not be wasting unnecessary time on exercises. Maximize your potential by working on more than one muscle groups. Most of the bodybuilding exercises help you develop more than one muscle group. For example, in shoulder press you are working on both your shoulders and triceps. When you are performing squat, you are working on both your quads and hamstrings. In case of bench press, you will be working on your chest, shoulders and triceps. There are other weightlifting exercises like triceps pushdowns that work only on the triceps. These single muscle group exercises will not give you faster and better results.

Provide the Right Fuel to Your Body

Your bodybuilding plan must include proper diet and supplements. You will be spending a large amount of energy when you start exercising heavily. You have to start providing the right amount of nutrition to your body. Your calorie intake is going to increase when you are following a bodybuilding program. Your diet should meet your nutritional and calorie requirements.

Take Proper Rests

You will suffer muscle tears, stress, soreness and injuries due to heavy exercises. Without proper rest, your condition will worsen. Allow your body to take rest before going back to the gym. In fact, you may have to take a whole day of rest between two weightlifting workouts. The progress of your bodybuilding program will be affected if you use your rest times for any other strenuous activity. Take complete rest between your workouts as recommended.